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TI-83 PlusTI-83 PlusThe TI-83 Plus™ is your basic graphing calculator for high school, college math and science courses. Can be used in the following courses: Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 & 2, Trigonometry, College Algebra, Statistics and more. Rent as low as $2.99/month.
TI-84 PlusTI-84 PlusThe TI-84 Plus™ graphing calculator gives you the ability to compute your work more than twice as fast compared to the TI-83 Plus™ with three times the memory. Built-in USB port makes data transfer to your computer possible. Rent as low as $2.99/month
TI-84 Plus Silver EditionTI-84 Plus Silver EditionThe TI-84 Plus™ Silver Edition graphing calculator gives you the ability to compute your work more than twice as fast compared to the TI-83 Plus™ with nine times the memory. This is a teachers choice calculator. Rent as low as $2.99/month
TI-86TI-86The Texas Instruments TI-86 graphing calculators are designed for college and university mathematics, engineering, and science. This is one of our calculators that is most familiar among students in all different classes. Rent as low as $2.99/month.
TI-89 TitaniumTI-89 TitaniumThe TI-89 Titanium is one of the most powerful graphing calculator with advanced functionality and 3-D graphing make problem-solving for AP advanced mathematics and engineering courses infinitely easier. Rent as low as $2.99/month.
TI-Nspire™ with TouchpadTI-Nspire™ with TouchpadTI's first learning handheld with touchpad technology, operating more like a computer and making it easier to navigate. Split screen allows you to see a math problem in different ways - a graph, equation, table, geometric figure or text. Rent as low as $2.99/month.

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TI-84 Plus Renter

     This is a fabulous service you provide.  The idea of purchasing a calculator for $100 or more when your child only needs it for 3 or 4 months is crazy!!  I recommended your site to my daughter's math teacher and encouraged him to share it will the other teachers and all the students and their parents before they considered purchasing one. 
     I also shared it with the principal and counselors.  Your service is simple and affordable for those of us on a tight budget or those who do not like wasting money.  You have a fan for life!!!!  Thank you!

Payment forms accepted: Visa, Mastercard and Discover.

Payment forms accepted: Visa, Discover and MasterCard.

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