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Thank you guys so much! Couldn't afford a great graphing calc. Without My Calc Rental I would not have made an A in college Algebra class! XOXO!! P.S. I have told everyone I know about you, thanks again!.
Jacqueline T.
Ti-84 Silver Edition
Thank you so much for the great rental, would not have made an 'A' in my college Algebra course because I could not afford to purchase one. You guys rock! Again, thanks bunches!

"Thanks for saving me a lot of money, and congratulations on having such an interesting business model!"
Cliff S.
TI-89 Titanium
"Having a online version of the manual was a great help. Thanks for existing. You saved me a ton of money and get a A in both my classes."
TI-89 Titanium
Great service, thanks so much! I've already referred a few people to your site.
Sara H.
TI-83 Plus Renter
My son needed a graphing calculator for CTY math camp. My Calc Rental was a great money saver, calculator arrived very fast, in good condition, etc. etc. Good job and many thanks!
TI-83 Plus Renter
"Thanks! Made an "A" in stats!!"
Rebecca W.
TI-83 Plus

TI-83 Plus Renter

The experience with your company was TOP NOTCH!  Your team ROCKS! We were treated very well in the customer service arena!

TI-83 Plus Renter

The customer service was excellent and the prices are unbeatable. Thank you for providing this service.

"Thanks! Great Service and the TI-84 was crucial to my college Algebra exam."
Don U.
TI-84 Plus
"Thank you for providing a wonderful, economical service to us all. I only needed a calculator for a 5-week course over winter break and didn't want to purchase a calculator for $90.00. Without your company I would have broken my bank to afford a calculator that I don't need any longer. Thanks again."
Michael W.
TI-83 Plus
"I enjoyed the site. It is very accessible and simple to navigate. I found the chat feature extremely helpful as I was able to ask directly for information. The calculator was shipped immediately and I received it the very next day. The calculator itself was in excellent condition and the overall service was just exemplary. Thank you so much!"

"Thank you very much for allowing me to rent the calculator for my Math class, your service was very good."
Shirley H.
TI-83 Plus
Had a great experience with you guys. Let me say you guys ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TI-83 Plus

TI-84 Plus Renter

     This is a fabulous service you provide.  The idea of purchasing a calculator for $100 or more when your child only needs it for 3 or 4 months is crazy!!  I recommended your site to my daughter's math teacher and encouraged him to share it will the other teachers and all the students and their parents before they considered purchasing one. 
     I also shared it with the principal and counselors.  Your service is simple and affordable for those of us on a tight budget or those who do not like wasting money.  You have a fan for life!!!!  Thank you!

"Service was great and calculator was in great condition."
Bob T.
TI-84 Plus
"I love this website/company. I've rented here for two semesters and nothing ever went wrong. There prices are awesome. Recommended to others and I will rent again when needed! Beats paying around $200+ for a calculator."
TI-86 Renter
"Thanks! I hope your business enjoys continued success!"
Nathaniel W.
TI-83 Plus

Boris R.

My son needed a graphing calculator for CTY math camp. My Calc Rental was a great money saver, calculator arrived very fast, in good condition, etc. etc. Good job and many thanks!

 "This is a win-win business for everyone involved. Thank you very much."
Rhonda O.

TI-83 Plus Renter

You saved me a lot of money by renting the calculator my daughter needed for only one semester. I have recommended you to others and will continue to do so. Great service. Thank you! 

As a student who has children the age of the average college student, I found your site easy to use, your services convenient and cost effective for my needs. It was a pure pleasure from start to finish.

TI-84 Renter

Nice prices, honest people, nice of you to confirm that you received the calculator we sent back. No one ever does that!!!! So...thanks.

TI-83 Plus Renter

This was a great experience! I would recommend My Calc Rental to anybody that needs a calculator for class. Service was great, and easy to use.

Megan S.

I think this is a great service for students, who can't always afford to pay $100+ upfront for a calculator they only need for a semester. My calculator worked great, looked brand new, batteries lasted all semester!

TI-83 Plus Renter

Get the word out! I found you by a search I was just lucky.  This is a great thing! Renting is the way to go.

Seth P.

Thanks guys! Great service you offer!

TI-84 Plus Fall 2012 Renter

"Couldn't have been more satisfied! Thank you. I will definitely recommend to friends and family!"


Great, thank you so much.  This is my first time using this service.  I would of never thought a service like this existed.  Until it dawned on me to do a google search. I was freaking out when I saw the purchase price of TI-84 calculators since I only need it for Stats class which is a whopping 4 months.  It really wasn't worth me purchasing it.

TI-84 Plus SE Renter

No improvement necessary.  All aspects of rental were great. Communication was clear and timely and the fact that you followed up to confirm receipt of my return was awesome. Thank you!

TI-83 Plus Renter

Very cool and correct business practices. I'm impressed and will continue using your company, probably sooner than later.
Sincerely- Don M.

TI-84 Renter

It was the best deal I could find and for the price it was worth it :)

TI-84 Renter

Thank you! It was a great experience and I will recommend My Calc Rental to fellow students.
Kind regards,

Lucia D.

"The whole rental process, from beginning to end was smooth. Customer service is A+!! I would use this service again if needed. Have recommended to friends and will continue to do so."

"I was very impressed with the service and price. I will absolutely recommend to anyone about this company. I am glad I used their services for my class." 

TI-84 Plus Silver Edition Renter

Great experience with My Calc Rental, affordable monthly payments, good condition products and the best excellent personalized customer service, thank you Ben. I definitely recommend this website. 
Alexander N.

Jan M.

"Thank you very much, it worked perfectly.  We will use you next semester."
TI-83 Plus renter

"Thank you for providing this service.  It was such a smooth and easy process and MUCH cheaper thank buying a graphing calculator that I was only going to use for 4 months."

"Your website is very user friendly, very good communication and product.  I have already recommended this service to many others.  Thank you."

Calculator Renter in 2015

Thanks so much for this service, it was a great option oto avoid a purchase of an item for school that I will not be needed beyond two classes.  I have already shared this option with my school students at Southern NH University.

Thank you so much for the cheap and easy calculator rental.  I will definitely reccommend this rental service.
Cody A.
TI-84 Plus Renter

The thought of buying a graphing calculator for just 2 months seemed downright ridiculous. Thinking that if I could rent books and other materials, why can't I try and find out if I can rent a calculator? My Calc Rental is a very easy and simple rental process and have recommended it to many peers who will be taking math and engineering classes for just a term. Great customer service! I had a problem with my card and someone emailed me personally letting me know the solution to the issue. Thanks My Calc Rental!

"Thank you!!  I passed with all your help, happy holidays!!" Sean B.

"Thank you so much for your service, while I only needed the calculator for one month I was trilled with it. I would definitely recommend your service to other, and I may need too use it again in the future. Thank you."
Megan K.

Payment forms accepted: Visa, Mastercard and Discover.

Payment forms accepted: Visa, Discover and MasterCard.

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